My name is Reverend Kurt Fondriest. I am an ordained non-denominational minister. I hold my PH.D in Holistic Ministries. I am also a registered expressive art therapist and certified pastoral counselor.

I see life as a ministry and believe all people share in this beautiful expression of our divine creator. I will be honored to be your wedding officiate and believe you will be happy with my service and prices.

First of all, I say the same words chosen by the couple, whether the service has two or two-hundred people. I don't believe in setting my fee by how big your wedding or life commitment service is.

Rev. Kurt Fondriest
I always felt ministry as a way of expressing one's spiritual connection to others. One of the greatest gifts our creator gives us is the power to love unconditionally. It is through this gift we find ourselves, our work and most important our life partner. Let us always remember to not keep the gift of unconditional love but to share this divine blessing with all.